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Most Americans don't give our justice system much thought.
We take for granted the notion that we are treated equally and fairly under the eyes of the law, and we trust that our courthouses are run competently and honestly. 
Yet it is a commonly understood fact within the American legal and legislative communities that our justice system can sometimes fail to represent its stated ideals of impartiality, integrity, and justice
The problems are many. Bad actors within our government are too often allowed to run legal playbooks comprised of immoral tactics; law enforcement agencies face beaurcratic pressure that threatens their work; and a number of public servants seem more interested in self aggrandizement and political fame than the pursuit of justice.
As a voice for judicial reform, Michael Segal works to focus interest on issues such as these, and more broadly, on the state of the federal justice system itself. He encourages the public to take greater interest in law, vigourosly interrogate the interests of political leaders, more actively participate in the legislative process, and stem the bleed of partisan politics into the practice of law.
Above all, he stresses the need to improve our system of checks and balances - which, at times, do not function as they should.
Michael Segal is committed to ensuring that the miscarriage of justice he endured does not repeat itself. To that end, he offers the facts of his story as an educational resource to law makers, students, advocacy groups, insurance professionals, and other interested parties; and collaborates with journalists to examine the systemic issues that weaken our courts, and threaten to erode our individual freedoms and liberties.
His writing covers a variety of topics in law, including: due process, constitutional rights, legal/prosecutorial conduct, and the epidemic of over-criminalization. 

pursuits, projects, and passions

Michael Segal's professional life is divided between providing Title and Escrow Services, overseeing a portfolio of investments, and supporting efforts to develop affordable housing for American veterans.

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Michael Segal's upcoming book, written in collaboration with Pultizer Prize winning journalist, Maurice Possley.

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