Michael Segal splits his time between working as a public advocate for legal reform, and as the director of a joint venture in real estate.
Working with the team at U.S. National Title Services, Michael offers clients his considerable expertise and experience, and provides professional assistance in matters relating to real estate, insurance, and title and escrow.
His writing delves into his legal journey, and is focused on shining a light into the cracks of the American justice system.  His memoir, Conviction at any Cost, written in collaboration with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Maurice Possley, was released in the spring of 2020. 

Conviction at any Cost is the inside account of Michael Segal's harrowing odyssey through the American justice system. Co-written with Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Maurice Possley, this all-too-true story of corporate sabotage and courthouse intrigue peels back the curtain on our legal system, and asks serious questions about due process, the state of jurisprudence, and the very nature of crime and punishment.


Tense and captivating, Conviction at any Cost is an eye-opening, 

timely tale of law, disorder, and the need for governmental accountability.


Michael Segal works to bring attention to the serious problems that can, at times, plague the federal level of the American legal system.  As a public advocate for judicial reform, he uses his writing and journalistic collaborations to raise the public's awareness of matters relating to due process, checks and balances, prosecutorial ethics, and wrongful convictions.


He is committed to using the details of his own ordeal as a teaching tool, and is determined to contribute to the creation of a truly fair, balanced, and just legal system.


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Commentary on the problems that plague the American Justice System, and brief thoughts on law, disorder, and strengthening our democracy.


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